Committed to a World without Diseases

Ummunity is providing solutions across industries that promote health through a better immunity system.


We are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs trying to build a world without vaccines of infectious diseases. To complete this, we’ve developed a wide range of universal antibodies packages.

Unlike drugs, antibodies are naturally present in our body. The more antibodies in your immune system, the faster and stronger it will respond. With Ummunity Oral Antibody packages of specific antibodies for specific diseases for most of us, the body is ready to fight most diseases.

20 years of research and trials has led to propose an alternative to the current immunization program with safe, effective antibodies with few side effects and potentially treat and prevent most infectious diseases.

While we are working towards the release of 5 targeted antibodies packages, including an immunization alternative which includes MMR. We are now researching other oral antibody packages for heart diseases and Alzheimer’s.