Ummunity Corp Now Planning for Fast Tracking


November 30, 2018 – TOWSON, MD /Company News – Ummunity Corp a biotech corporation. It is now preparing its protocol to fast track its Ummune-A-Care product that treats and prevents multiple disease families and strains of auto-immune disorders (including HIV/AIDS), digestive and diarrhea disorders from Colitis to Cholera, E Coli to Crohn’s and other major digestive disorders, pulmonary disorders including influenzas, and brain disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer as well as some cancers such as Leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease. There are many others.

Once protocols and other data is prepared, the company will apply for fast tracking. During fast tracking numerous pilot studies will be conducted due to the nature of the product for safety purposes for the families of above mentioned disorders, even though company pre-trials were conducted. Therefore, safety and efficacy are still under investigation and market authorization has not yet been obtained.

The fast tracking procedure will proceed with a rolling review which simply means the company can fill out sections of the New Drug Application (NDA) rather than wait for every section of the NDA to be completed. This requires early and frequent communication between the FDA and the company assuring that questions and issues are resolved quickly, often leading to earlier drug approval and access by patients.

Please see website for further explanations.

Any interested in volunteering as a participant in pilot studies is encouraged to contact us at Additionally if anyone qualifies for compassionate use please also contact

Why Ummunity Corp’s Robust Plans for Potential Partnerships is Important?


With the global population reaching 8.5 billion in 2030 and close to 10 billion by 2050, providing safer food — be it meats, dairy foods, beverages or vegetables to restaurants — is a major concern. But one US company, with a Canadian subsidiary, is now about to bring the ‘Disease Free’ Animals and for the moment ‘Healthy Living’ concept to reality.

Wilmington, DE ( – Is it really possible? Yes indeed, and quicker than one thinks! Can the E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and hundreds of foodborne illnesses that affect one in six Americans and about 60% of Canadians and which causes both nations 10’s of billions dollars of lost productivity be reduced, if not eliminated? How about the 30,000 deaths in Canada and 3,000 in the US along with hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations each year? Can these deaths and diseases, along with HIV/AIDS, Universal Flu, childhood, teenage and adulthood Diseases, Norovirus, etc., be avoided? Or what about the superbugs or culling of millions of animals? All of these can be controlled in the next year or two or near future.

So a very robust plan is about to be put into action. Ummunity Corp is still requesting the public’s full support to Ummunity Corp’s crowdfunding. Why? A diminished immunity as in the case of immune deficiencies including HIV/AIDS, early stages of some cancers and diarrhea-based diseases are the main reasons for causes leading to death. So what is needed is that immunity has to be built up with very specific antibodies, which Ummunity Corp has developed. Then get the products into clinical trials and, if possible, fast tracking. Through fast tracking, more lives may be saved. Even a gum that prevents cavities that has worked in early clinical trials and has proven to help prevent tooth decay is slated for major clinical trials. If clinical trials work for the gum, then it’s possible to replace the ‘shot’ or vaccine with a stick of gum.

Ummunity Corp is now inviting the public, commercial business giants, and the governments to support crowdfunding or to become partners in what could be called the era of Disease Free humans and animals using antibodies. The robust plan entails putting products that have already been proven in Ummunity Corp’s pre-discovery trials that have a 100% prevention and treatment record. Again, prevention and treatment of many current diseases like all diarrhea or enteric diseases, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Universal influenza and universal vaccine and dental cavities will be targeted in clinical trials.

It’s important to note that Ummunity products still need investigation, and market authorization has not been yet obtained.

Ummunity Corp Reaching Out to the Globe to Share Technology


North America has two of the most developed countries in the world and yet these two countries lose billions of dollars in lost productivity, spend hundreds of billions on hospitalizations and healthcare. Europeans, while they fare better, are still searching for a Universal Flu Vaccine and are currently conducting research to find a better immunity in animals in institutes all across Europe.

Wilmington, DE ( – Umminty Corp’s product Bridge™ is in the process of being registered and can be used to produce ‘Disease Free’ animal herds. Ummunity Corp is waiting for funding through crowdfunding or to find a partner(s) to get batches for Universal Diapak, Flupak and PID-AIDSPak prepared for clinical trials.

What Africa really need is turnkey plants to implement and control the WHO R&D Blueprint — what in the West is called ‘Neglected Tropical Diseases’ and other ravaging diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, Enteric Diseases, Heart and Lower Respiratory Diseases, Meningitis, Malarias, Infectious digestive disorders, several strains of Ebola. South America and Southeast Asia also are in need of their own infrastructures. Specially formulated packages could possibly be made in gum form for all these African diseases to avoid special cooling and handling.

Ummunity Corp has an answer to Africa’s Health problems with “turnkey plants” ready to set up in 3 days and to begin manufacturing its own immunity packages within 4-6 months and then to get their product registered and to clinical trials. These turnkey facilities meet CGMP while highly technical and cutting-edge equipment is mainly operated by pushing of buttons. Keeping strict hygienic standards in these facilities can be overcome with proper training in African Plants.

However, for North America, the first step is for financial partner(s) is to get Ummunity’s Universal Diapak, Flupak and PID-AIDSPak products ready for clinical trials through the fast-tracking process. Pre-discovery trials indicated that fast-tracking approval from the scientific community would not be difficult as treatment was obtained overnight and prevention was trialed for 6 months, both with 100% efficacy. Other funding from crowdfunding or partners will be used to manufacture dietary supplements, infant milk powder, set up turnkey facilities in other global regions or manufacture batches and register the product(s) in those regions. Ummunity Corp will work with partners to set up new lines of product or beverages for their regions that can be manufactured according to the needs of each region and then get the products ready for clinical trials.

It’s important to note that Ummunity products still need investigation, and market authorization has not been yet obtained.

Company Clinical Trials



The company researched and developed a true full spectrum of antibodies targeting over 20 pathogens in one dose. We decided on making multiple kinds of antibodies for multiple kinds of pathogens and diseases including: salmonella, e-coli, c-difficile, campylobacter, influenzas, IBR, BVD, Leptospira, and others. The purpose was to see if we could replace the use of vaccines in the dairy industry. So a major clinical trial was needed to see if in “real life” it was possible to treat or prevent multiple diseases without using any vaccines and to see if we could replace the whole animal immunization program with a complete and multiple antibody immunity packages for all barnyard diseases.

As our antibodies are preserved to keep 100% activity it was then decided that if we could prevent and treat all these diseases in dairy herds with antibodies that have no expiry date, then our antibody packages could work on the diseases of people, but especially for those who live in areas where special handling and refrigeration were problematic. That would become our second trial.

The trials were overseen by a veterinarian, cattle handler and the Founder of the technology and products.

Animal Herd Trials

Trials were conducted in the State of California using 60 Holstein calves from the herd of approximately 17,000. The reason why calves were used is that they are born without any immunity. Therefore this would be an ideal group to target with each and every calf in both groups starting with “zero” immunity. They were then separated into two groups, Group A and B, with 30 newborn calves, in each group.

How Treatment was Administered

Each calf in Group A received 1 liter of our concentrated IgGs product Bridge and a nasal spray treatment at birth. However, Group B received its mother’s colostrum plus 6 injections of required vaccines at birth with one nasal spray treatment. Thereafter Group B continued to follow the regular feed and supplement program, using a superior brand name of American Supplement, recommended by California State. After receiving the first liter of Bridge, Group A received 6 grams of Bridge (product name for our cattle antibody immunity package) each day, while also receiving the regular feed. The only supplement given Group A was Bridge.

Immediate Results

While Group B received all its vaccinations to prevent cases of diarrhea and leading diseases, and while still adhering to the State recommended vaccination program throughout the first 6 months, Group A calves received not a single vaccine. However, Group B continued to lose weight and had frequent cases of diarrhea. Group A, on the other hand, had no sickness at all and were gaining weight.

Long-Term Results

Apart from being a complete healthier group of calves in Group A yet concerning the weight of both Groups, Group A had gained 5 more US pounds than Group B after 60 days. At this point, it was clear to determine that our antibody immunity package targeted at all barnyard diseases was able to prevent and treat all barnyard diseases in real life situations. were completely eradicated by our product Bridge.

Furthermore that after 60 days the vaccine and feed supplement not only proved ineffective to prevent especially cases of diarrhea, they did not produce a disease-free environment. After the 60 days trials, a continuation of observation trials was extended to monitor the regular health of the animals for 6 months. In Group A, no other sicknesses or diseases were found in them and were completely healthy.

Overview of Trials

The trials proved that Bridge’s antibody immunity package could replace all 50 States vaccination program in real life situations. Secondly that animals using Bridge products could raise cattle at a lower cost, not only because the cost of the product, but also due to any loss of life, food, time to raise animals who then got sick and died. Additionally, extra maintenance costs for vet care or further medicines, treatments or supplements were not needed. While still caring for herds, less time was required to attend to the sick or weaker animals. Additionally, as calves weighed more, this would address the question of producing veal more quickly in beef cattle.

In subsequently eliminating all barnyard diseases in the dairy cows or bovine, we were able to now control two other age-old diseases of Mastitis and Failure of Passive Transfer and could prevent the use antibiotics and antimicrobials, by eliminating them out of the immunization health care program for cows.

Human Trials*

Trials Overview

The dairy cow trials were obviously a huge success in determining if we could replace the animal vaccine immunization program. As to the ability to control human diseases, while still addressing the questions of safety, efficacy, potency and product quality control, batch after batch, we would obviously need to conduct trials on humans. This trial would indicate that we could also treat multiple enteric pathogens or diseases as participants had suffered enteric trouble for some time with first E-Coli, then Salmonella, and then Cholera and finally Dysentery.

Safety Trials

The first thing on our list of priorities for the human trials was the issue of safety. This was the priority. Secondly, in addition to the safety trial, we wanted to establish efficacy, potency, and quality of the product. Lastly, was it possible to establish at least partially, or completely, that we could treat several diseases with one dose of our product?

There have been thousands of case studies conducted globally and for decades using regular and/or hyper-immunized colostrum and even whey based milk products containing some or a percentage of bovine antibodies and or even chicken egg antibodies.

However, we wanted to establish in our own independent trials whether our bovine and egg antibody mixture containing a variety of hyper-immunized bovine and egg antibodies would be able to prevent and/or treat the above-mentioned types of diseases. Again our immunity packages would contain antibodies that would target various pathogens targeting multiple diarrheas, flu, common cold, pneumonia as well as: salmonella, e-coli, c-difficile, campylobacter, rhinovirus, H1N1 influenza, Rotavirus, Leptospira, and others. The purpose was to see if the product was safe enough for humans. If so, we could replace the use of vaccines in the human industry by first establishing safety.

Human Particpants Used

Although this trial was overseen by an independent company who wanted to use our product as a medical food, we wanted to establish safety and establish any efficacy. Because our product contains multiple antibodies targeting multiple pathogens or diseases, the trials took place in New Dehli, India with participants who were seriously ill with enteric diseases for months. They had received various treatments to help prevent mortality with antibiotics as the last resort effort to restore their health. After antibiotics were administered the participants were given 24 hours to live. Just before being put to sleep they each received a portion of our immunity package and were given the night to recover. In fact, there was no reason to believe they’d survive so these safety trials were used in compassionate use (or in Canada SAP Special Access Program) in 20 Indian children. They were expected not to survive the night.

Trials Results

Administration of product was given to the children in the evening. Upon waking up we were told that all the children were either up eating, playing or running around. This certainly proved that the product was safe. Even life-saving. Especially with all 20 children up and active. Unfortunately, little information was given after that, except an unfinished chart containing some numbers. For years we tried to contact the company. If you’d like to receive more info please contact us. However, we are about to release more news. Ummunity will sell its first turn key plant in March 2018 and the customer will conduct new, thorough, clinical trials for us. At the time of this writing additional HIV/AIDS, Universal Influenza and Diarrhea preclinical safety trials are planned for March and April.

*This trial lead to another multi-million dollar investment by the third party company that conducted the trials independently for us. The previous public company gets a percentage of all sales originating from the sales from a medical food it sells.

Future Trials

Upon funding, we will begin phase 1 trials as product safety has been proven.



Ummunity Corp is committed to developing and designing hyper-immune bovine and egg colostrum blends that could bind multiple pathogens as oral antibody packages, targeting very specific human diseases not just gastrointestinal diseases.

Thus a three step platform was created to use specially targeted specific and blended antibodies.

Specifically Targeted Broad Spectrum Packages (STBSP)

To produce high quality combinations of many different kinds of antibodies STBSP or specifically targeted broad spectrum packages was devised. These specifically targeted broad spectrum packages and could be likened to multiple polyvalent vaccines, only in that they contain large quantities of safe and effective multiple antibodies that are harvested from cows colostrum and eggs. As one antibody weighs 160,000 Daltons, this opened up the way to combine tens or hundreds of very specific antibodies and prevent pathogenic colonizing. Thus, these various groups or clades of antibodies can be targeted at a very large and wide range of specific diseases in one package safe and effectively.
Produce one major kind of antibody from each animal
Select antibodies or groups of antibodies designed for very specific pathogens
Tens or hundreds of specific antibodies can be used in varying packages

Antibody Preservation Control (APC)

Critical to the final product was the efficacy of antibodies. Antibodies have a “half-life” and begin to decay as soon as extracted from their source. So a process was designed to preserve these antibodies so as to not lose or affect efficacy, safety, potency and quality otherwise they couldn’t be guaranteed. This process is called APC or Antibody Preservation Control. This process also eliminates the need for cool storage or special handling and requires no expiry date. APC antibody packages are ready to work until the package is opened.

Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packages (UIOAP)

However due to the vast array of clades or strains of pathogens (diseases) and their corresponding antibodies, – UIOAP or Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packaging was designed for the many different kinds of antibodies packages required corresponding diseases. Using proprietary formulations to package for example antibodies for Ebola strains, Influenzas strains, immune deficiency strains, a true full broad spectrum of packages could be used to treat and prevent pathogens with different packages. Likewise countries or global regions such as in the US there are over 31 major pathogens in food borne illnesses or in Canada where a minimum of 12 major diarrhea diseases strains has caused a major enteric problem it is possible to now make special packages to prevent and treat these pathogens. Also, global scientists have also discovered that of the over 200 strains of certain HIV pathogens a dozen or so are responsible for the infections as they are called the dominant strains.


We know that scientifically more antibodies means a faster and stronger immune response.

We also have a process, fruit of 20 years of research, to produce targeted antibodies.

Yet, we cannot claim that our product provides a faster and stronger immune system. To make such claim, any product must go through drug certification and clinical trials.

We are working towards the release of 5 targeted drugs.


Product description Status
Product Platform Enabling Discovery trials Pretrials Clinical trials P1 Clinical trials P2
Universal Diapak STBSP/APC 25+ Enteric diseases
Universal Opak STBSP/APC 30+ Antigens
Universal Flupak STBSP/APC 25+ Antigens
Universal PID-AIDSpak STBSP/APC 30+ Antigens
Universal Cancerpak STBSP/APC 50+ Antigens

Contact us

At this stage of our project support is what we need. Wether you want to publish our story, get more information, join our team, invest or simply encourage us, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

Company Info

Wilmington, DE, USA
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wisconsin, USA
Ownership: Privately held
Investors: Crowdfunding and individual investors
Funds Raised: Available under confidentiality
Employees: 10+
Phone: 302-887-9159


Investors relations
Marcel Marais, COO
Todd Hunter, CTO
Austin Stelere, PR Manager
Chief Technical Officer
Todd Hunter, CTO
Corporate Counsel
Cris Rizzi, Firm’s Lawyer

General inquiries



Thank you for your interest in this project, the following material is currently available for download:

More resources will be added as we release our results.

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