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Are Ummunity’s antibodies the same as the ones in my body?
How are antibodies collected?
Are Ummunity’s antibodies drugs?
Is Ummunity’s activity cruel for animals?
Do oral antibodies have side effects?

Are Ummunity’s antibodies the same as the ones in my body?

Although they are slightly different, our antibodies can still hook the same way to antigens and be digested by human phagocytes. We use antibodies that come from cow colostrum, milk and chicken eggs. The modern dairy milk processes and cooking kill them. We have found a way to harness their power, preserve them and to use them to fight, prevent and treat diseases.

How are antibodies collected?

Antibodies are collected from milk and eggs. Cows and chickens are vaccinated against specific human diseases, so their body start producing antibodies. Those antibodies are especially concentrated inside eggs and colostrum (colostrum is the name of the milk produced within the first 60 Liters after a calf’s birth). The concentration of antibodies inside eggs and colostrum is 100 times higher than in regular milk. It is there to help protect the young calf and young chick during the development of their immune systems.

We use patented and secret processes to extract and preserve those antibodies from eggs and colostrum. Then we combine different antibodies (for example from a cow vaccinated against the flu and a chicken vaccinated against diarrhea) to create packages of antibodies targeting a wide range of antigens.

Are Ummunity’s antibodies drugs?

First, let us examine what is meant by the word ‘drug.’ Drugs are not classified by how they are made, but rather by how they work. Any product claiming to protect against diseases must be classified as a ‘drug’ and undergo clinical trials.

We are currently working towards the release of 5 drugs. After this long process, our antibodies will technically be labeled as ‘drugs.’ Yet the antibodies we produce are simply sub-products of milk and eggs, to which we have added nothing. Therefore our product is just like regular food.

Is Ummunity’s activity cruel for animals?

No. Ummunity’s needs from animals are limited to eggs and milk, but the methods used are no different from the ones used at egg and milk farms. Ummunity does not currently own it’s own farms and partners with high quality, family-owned farms in the USA committed to animal rights.

Do oral antibodies have side effects?

People who are allergic to eggs or cow’s milk are likely to to be allergic to our oral antibodies. According to the American Dairy Association about 5% of the US population is allergic to cow’s milk. Experts estimate that as many as 2 percent of children are allergic to eggs with about 70 percent of children with an egg allergy will outgrow the condition by age 16. Still any medication or foods that some adults and children take, due to special health conditions, may be prohibited by your doctor. Always get professional medical opinions from your physician if that is your case. Further Clinical Trials will establish what side effects there are. They will be announced.


In the early 2000s the founder of this technology understood the potential of antibodies, and he knew that colostrum (colostrum is the name of the milk produced with the first 60 liters after a calf’s birth) was already in use in the farming industries to help boost the calves’ immune systems.

He then undertook 20 years of research and trials to complete 3 unique formulas to:

  • Produce milk and eggs with specific targeted antibodies.
  • Extract and preserve these antibodies from the milk and eggs.
  • Make sure that the antibodies would have a sufficient life (potency) once consumed.

After a long life of other successful projects, the Founder retired just a few years ago, and sold this project to his closest partner and friend Todd Hunter.

As of today, T. Hunter is in charge of bringing together a team and funds so that this project can finally reach the market. The formulas are finally completed and the discovery trials are highly successful, with 100% success rate both on animals and humans.



is the founder and oversees manufacturing to produce all products and who designed, trial and patented all original formulas for the maintenance pack which he believed could prevent or treat most diseases.


the consulting scientist who has expertise in several areas including colostrum and milk research and is one of the leading global scientists in this field who believes that these products could serve as a replacement or serve as a supplement for the medical field.


is the chief technical officer who was asked by the founder to help, research and develop formulas for human product and to move the project to the global market and who oversees clinical trials as well as human product development.


acts as the operating officer helps the team with technical, mechanical, secretarial, crowdfunding logistics to move the project into raising capital phase and has considerable computer and software background.


is the corporate lawyer who has joined the team to help produce all the legal documents and agreements in place to help the company to work with major restaurant and beverage company’s as well as acquisitions and sales of turn key plants globally.


is our USA president who works in an administrative capacity and represent the company in the US only. He is the company point man and will help set up other countries to help us enter into the market in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Canada.

About Ummunity

We want to build an infectious disease-free world.

We are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs trying to build a world without infectious diseases. To complete this challenge we are developing a wide range of targeted antibodies for most diseases.

Antibodies are naturally present in our bodies. They are the building blocks of our immune system. The more antibodies in your immune system, for most people, the faster and stronger it will respond.

20 years of research have led us to find a complete and unique formula to produce targeted antibodies.

Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies – Alternative to Vaccines – Like Taking Vitamins


Is it ever possible to get away from getting the shot? Or see the end pictures of grimaces or pain of getting a needle for childhood or adult shots? Or will situations like the measles in Disneyland in 2015 cease? Also, can there be an end to epidemics, such as HIV/AIDS, SARS, Ebola, Zika or the next flu epidemic scientists say will happen?

Wilmington, DE ( – Ummunity Corp believes that the company’s brand name of Oral Antibodies is the solution to epidemics, disease prevention and treatment without vaccines, and it may be as simple as taking 6 grams of powder every day until the epidemic or sickness has passed. For chronic disease treatments, it may be longer. But just how far away is it to seeing these products on market? Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies are much more effective than vaccines, as we’ll explain, which could help speed up the fast-tracking process.

First, remember, antibodies whether orally taken or vaccine generated, work for many reasons, but why are Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies better?

Antibodies bind up, kill, destroy or gobble up pathogens on contact. They act to prevent the pathogens from spreading. So if pathogens or antigens (harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins) are on the tongue in the throat, esophagus or stomach, they’ll be ‘gobbled up instantly,’ and that is why Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies are better than vaccines. The pathogens don’t even get a chance to make you feel or get sick. Umminity Corp Oral Antibodies gobble pathogens up. Clinical trials will prove this, time after time. Ummunity Corp Oral Antibodies work instantly. Vaccine-generated antibodies work in 7-10 days.

In initial pre-discovery trial, Ummunity Corp antibodies saved 20 lives. Ummunity Corp antibodies are natural, made from bovine colostrum or milk and eggs. HIV/AIDS, immune deficiency, chronic diseases, flus, diarrhea-based diseases and virtually all antigens including measles are packaged into one single multiple blend dose and, when taken once, daily or for the duration of an epidemic or sickness, will provide one with double protection — first, instant protection, and second, we can’t pass it on! Better than a vaccine, mask with no special cooling or handling! Please see crowdfunding.

In epidemics, each pathogenic strain, collected from day one, is inactivated in hours. Pathogens are inactivated or deadened in a day or so, and are changed into antibodies in as little as 15 days. Ummunity’s antibodies will be ready for clinical trials as early as 18-20 days. Think of the benefits if such a treatment had been available for Ebola? Doses for the masses would be ready in 7-10 weeks! This works on animals the same way!

It’s important to note that Ummunity products still need investigation and market authorization has not been yet obtained.