Ummunity Corp is committed to developing and designing hyper-immune bovine and egg colostrum blends that could bind multiple pathogens as oral antibody packages, targeting very specific human diseases not just gastrointestinal diseases.

Thus a three step platform was created to use specially targeted specific and blended antibodies.

Specifically Targeted Broad Spectrum Packages (STBSP)

To produce high quality combinations of many different kinds of antibodies STBSP or specifically targeted broad spectrum packages was devised. These specifically targeted broad spectrum packages and could be likened to multiple polyvalent vaccines, only in that they contain large quantities of safe and effective multiple antibodies that are harvested from cows colostrum and eggs. As one antibody weighs 160,000 Daltons, this opened up the way to combine tens or hundreds of very specific antibodies and prevent pathogenic colonizing. Thus, these various groups or clades of antibodies can be targeted at a very large and wide range of specific diseases in one package safe and effectively.
Produce one major kind of antibody from each animal
Select antibodies or groups of antibodies designed for very specific pathogens
Tens or hundreds of specific antibodies can be used in varying packages

Antibody Preservation Control (APC)

Critical to the final product was the efficacy of antibodies. Antibodies have a “half-life” and begin to decay as soon as extracted from their source. So a process was designed to preserve these antibodies so as to not lose or affect efficacy, safety, potency and quality otherwise they couldn’t be guaranteed. This process is called APC or Antibody Preservation Control. This process also eliminates the need for cool storage or special handling and requires no expiry date. APC antibody packages are ready to work until the package is opened.

Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packages (UIOAP)

However due to the vast array of clades or strains of pathogens (diseases) and their corresponding antibodies, – UIOAP or Universal Immunity Oral Antibodies Packaging was designed for the many different kinds of antibodies packages required corresponding diseases. Using proprietary formulations to package for example antibodies for Ebola strains, Influenzas strains, immune deficiency strains, a true full broad spectrum of packages could be used to treat and prevent pathogens with different packages. Likewise countries or global regions such as in the US there are over 31 major pathogens in food borne illnesses or in Canada where a minimum of 12 major diarrhea diseases strains has caused a major enteric problem it is possible to now make special packages to prevent and treat these pathogens. Also, global scientists have also discovered that of the over 200 strains of certain HIV pathogens a dozen or so are responsible for the infections as they are called the dominant strains.


We know that scientifically more antibodies means a faster and stronger immune response.

We also have a process, fruit of 20 years of research, to produce targeted antibodies.

Yet, we cannot claim that our product provides a faster and stronger immune system. To make such claim, any product must go through drug certification and clinical trials.

We are working towards the release of 5 targeted drugs.


Product description Status
Product Platform Enabling Discovery trials Pretrials Clinical trials P1 Clinical trials P2
Universal Diapak STBSP/APC 25+ Enteric diseases
Universal Opak STBSP/APC 30+ Antigens
Universal Flupak STBSP/APC 25+ Antigens
Universal PID-AIDSpak STBSP/APC 30+ Antigens
Universal Cancerpak STBSP/APC 50+ Antigens

Contact us

At this stage of our project support is what we need. Wether you want to publish our story, get more information, join our team, invest or simply encourage us, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

Company Info

Wilmington, DE, USA
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wisconsin, USA
Ownership: Privately held
Investors: Crowdfunding and individual investors
Funds Raised: Available under confidentiality
Employees: 10+
Phone: 302-887-9159


Investors relations
Marcel Marais, COO
Todd Hunter, CTO
Austin Stelere, PR Manager
Chief Technical Officer
Todd Hunter, CTO
Corporate Counsel
Cris Rizzi, Firm’s Lawyer

General inquiries



Thank you for your interest in this project, the following material is currently available for download:

More resources will be added as we release our results.

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Ummunity Corp


Thank you for your interest in this project, we are currently in great need of funding in order to move forward with the release of our products.

If yourself or your entourage is interested in investing in our project please contact us. More material will be provided, meanwhile you can download our presentation.

If you want to contribute without investing we will be glad to receive your donation.


Thank you for your interest in this project, if you would like to spread the word and write an article about us please download our presentation, all written content within is free to use for media purposes.

Additionally we will be glad to answer your questions if you contact us.


Are Ummunity’s antibodies the same as the ones in my body?
How are antibodies collected?
Are Ummunity’s antibodies drugs?
Is Ummunity’s activity cruel for animals?
Do oral antibodies have side effects?

Are Ummunity’s antibodies the same as the ones in my body?

Although they are slightly different, our antibodies can still hook the same way to antigens and be digested by human phagocytes. We use antibodies that come from cow colostrum, milk and chicken eggs. The modern dairy milk processes and cooking kill them. We have found a way to harness their power, preserve them and to use them to fight, prevent and treat diseases.

How are antibodies collected?

Antibodies are collected from milk and eggs. Cows and chickens are vaccinated against specific human diseases, so their body start producing antibodies. Those antibodies are especially concentrated inside eggs and colostrum (colostrum is the name of the milk produced within the first 60 Liters after a calf’s birth). The concentration of antibodies inside eggs and colostrum is 100 times higher than in regular milk. It is there to help protect the young calf and young chick during the development of their immune systems.

We use patented and secret processes to extract and preserve those antibodies from eggs and colostrum. Then we combine different antibodies (for example from a cow vaccinated against the flu and a chicken vaccinated against diarrhea) to create packages of antibodies targeting a wide range of antigens.

Are Ummunity’s antibodies drugs?

First, let us examine what is meant by the word ‘drug.’ Drugs are not classified by how they are made, but rather by how they work. Any product claiming to protect against diseases must be classified as a ‘drug’ and undergo clinical trials.

We are currently working towards the release of 5 drugs. After this long process, our antibodies will technically be labeled as ‘drugs.’ Yet the antibodies we produce are simply sub-products of milk and eggs, to which we have added nothing. Therefore our product is just like regular food.

Is Ummunity’s activity cruel for animals?

No. Ummunity’s needs from animals are limited to eggs and milk, but the methods used are no different from the ones used at egg and milk farms. Ummunity does not currently own it’s own farms and partners with high quality, family-owned farms in the USA committed to animal rights.

Do oral antibodies have side effects?

People who are allergic to eggs or cow’s milk are likely to to be allergic to our oral antibodies. According to the American Dairy Association about 5% of the US population is allergic to cow’s milk. Experts estimate that as many as 2 percent of children are allergic to eggs with about 70 percent of children with an egg allergy will outgrow the condition by age 16. Still any medication or foods that some adults and children take, due to special health conditions, may be prohibited by your doctor. Always get professional medical opinions from your physician if that is your case. Further Clinical Trials will establish what side effects there are. They will be announced.