In the early 2000s the founder of this technology understood the potential of antibodies, and he knew that colostrum (colostrum is the name of the milk produced with the first 60 liters after a calf’s birth) was already in use in the farming industries to help boost the calves’ immune systems.

He then undertook 20 years of research and trials to complete 3 unique formulas to:

  • Produce milk and eggs with specific targeted antibodies.
  • Extract and preserve these antibodies from the milk and eggs.
  • Make sure that the antibodies would have a sufficient life (potency) once consumed.

After a long life of other successful projects, the Founder retired just a few years ago, and sold this project to his closest partner and friend Todd Hunter.

As of today, T. Hunter is in charge of bringing together a team and funds so that this project can finally reach the market. The formulas are finally completed and the discovery trials are highly successful, with 100% success rate both on animals and humans.