Our story

Our story started 20 years ago

Our scientists have found a unique formula to produce, extract and preserve antibodies. Preservation of antibodies’ potency was the key challenge in the development of oral antibodies.

The beginning

Our story started 20 years ago when the former CEO of the public company was selling immunodiagnostic tools to help improve the health of horses when he heard that some scientists working in a USFDA Lab noticed – while performing quality analysis – that antibodies could be preserved and be used to help racing horses’ health.

While this was a non-issue for dairy companies, he decided to use his time to look for various formulas of different kinds of antibodies. He learned that in the farming industry milk replacers – a mixture of variously collected cows colostrums was given to young calves – a practice used for decades and is common a practice used today.

The problem was that milk replacers didn’t contain enough antibodies nor a wide variety of potent antibodies for milk replacer colostrums. But would he be able to make a milk calf replacer that would prove superior to the common milk colostrum mixture collected from farms and put into a holding tank to be used as milk replacers? Was it possible to use oral antibodies from the cows’ colostrum strong enough to replace vaccines?

A key challenge

It was clear that milk replacer had a strong impact on calves’ immune system. So the key challenge was to find a way to extract antibodies from milk and then preserve them while keeping their potency. Solving this challenge took about 8 years to complete, leaving our team now with a unique formula that allows us to extract, and preserve antibodies.

The resulting antibodies can be stored for long periods of time and would keep their potency until consumed. But would they work in real-world time as a replacement for vaccines? Therefore, major clinical trials were conducted to find out they were 100% safe and effective.

With a 100% efficacy rate, our platform was modified to make it possible to immunize chickens and humans against multiple and specific diseases, resulting now in potent, high quality, safe and effective oral antibody packages which clinical trials proved 100% effective.


Our entire team is very excited as we are getting closer to presenting our products to the market. Please check our pipeline to read more about our human products including an immunization product as a safe alternative to replace vaccines including MMR targeted antibodies.

During the past 20 years, and being very frugal we have spent only USD $2.5 Million, of which USD 1.5 Million represents laboratory and production equipment. Today we have arrived at a new challenge: marketing our product.

Governments only award grants for research, not for clinical trials and the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry has turned us down for financing. So now we need private investors and really, everyone’s help for that. It is possible to fast track products due to such high efficacy results leading directly to sales. Throughout the years we have learned too many times that real innovation gets shelved to keep profits high with old technologies. We want our products to be available as soon as possible to most people who need it. So please support us.

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