is the founder and oversees manufacturing to produce all products and who designed, trial and patented all original formulas for the maintenance pack which he believed could prevent or treat most diseases.


a microbiologist with over 25 years in the industry. He has worked in both producing immunotherapy products for animals and is the grandfather of the technology.


the consulting scientist who has expertise in several areas including colostrum and milk research and is one of the leading global scientists in this field who believes that these products could serve as a replacement or serve as a supplement for the medical field.


is the chief technical officer who was asked by the founder to help, research and develop formulas for human product and to move the project to the global market and who oversees clinical trials as well as human product development.


acts as the operating officer helps the team with technical, mechanical, secretarial, crowdfunding logistics to move the project into raising capital phase and has considerable computer and software background.


is the corporate lawyer who has joined the team to help produce all the legal documents and agreements in place to help the company to work with major restaurant and beverage company’s as well as acquisitions and sales of turn key plants globally.


is our USA president who works in an administrative capacity and represent the company in the US only. He is the company point man and will help set up other countries to help us enter into the market in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Canada.